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TEXAS HERITAGES: The Kelly/Kelley Family
Brief History

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How we all got here...

The earliest ancestors we can document in this line of Kellys is
John Greenberry Kelly and his wife Sarah Sylvesta Knowles.   These two individuals were our Great, Great Grandparents. 
 We have not found parents for either of them and we have not found siblings.  We have a good bit of information on Sarah after she arrived in Texas until she died in 1895, but not a lot of information for John Greenberry or Green B. Kelly.   We have not determined where they came from,  but the 1860 and 1880 census lead us to believe they came to Texas from somewhere in Alabama.

There were three children born to this couple:  Pearson Otto "Tobe" Kelly (my Great Grandfather), Margaret  Kelly and John Green Kelley.  All three were born in Texas.  We have not determined where, but all evidence points to South Texas as the place of birth.
We are looking in Live Oak County, Atascosa County and  Karnes County, Texas  at the present time.
You will find more information and stories about these five ancestors on the next pages.




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  (our related surnames)

   The surnames listed below are allied with our early Kelly ancestors(1850-1950) .      
  •     Fryer-Friar
  •     Carter
  •     Karl
  •     Adams
  •     Crossen-Crosson
  •     Morgan
  •     Thomas
  •     Whitten
  •     Wilkins
  •     Snow
  •     Warren
  •     Elder
  •     Huffman
  •     Stevens
  •     Walker
  •     Muse

I am currently researching the following surnames which are my  immediate family:  These families will have their own separate website and each one will link back to this Kelly/Kelley site.

  • Snow/Kelly/Kelley
  • Newsom/Godby
  • Ford/Williams
  • Moore/Porche

If you have information that connects any of the surnames in the two lists above, please contact us.  We are always happy to share information with relatives and other researchers.