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TEXAS HERITAGES: The Kelly/Kelley Family
Kelly Konnections

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First Generation



1. Sarah Sylvesta  (Knowles) KELLY CARTER. Born in 1834 in Alabama   Sarah Sylvesta  (Knowles) KELLY died in Dewitt County, Texas in 1895, she was 61. Buried in Old Alexander Cem, Dewitt Co., Tx.


On 5 Aug 1851 when Sarah Sylvesta  (Knowles) KELLY was 17, she first married John Greenberry KELLY, in Montgomery Co., TX. Born  abt 1830 in Alabama? John Greenberry Kelly died in Karnes Co., TX in prob 1858, he was 28. It is believed he was killed durng the Cart War or in a dispute over cattle.


They had the following children:

     2   Pearson Otto "P.O." "Tobe" (1854-1936)

     3   Margaret M. (1856-1938) 

     4   John Green (1858-1941)


   Second Marriage of Sarah Sylvesta Knowles Kelly


On 23 Jul 1859 when Sarah Sylvesta  (Knowles) KELLY was 25, she second married Rueben T. CARTER, in Atascosa County, TX. Born in 1812 in South Carolina. Rueben T. died in Elmendorf (Bexar Co.) Tx in 1884, he was 72.


They had the following children:

          i. Martha. Born in 1864.

         ii. Dora Alice (Carter). Born in Aug 1866.

 On 2 Sep 1884 when Dora Alice (Carter) was 18, she married George Washington FRYER, in Dewitt Co., Tx. Born in May 1862.

        iii. Sally (Carter). Born in 1871.

 Sally (Carter) married John KARL. Born in 1861.

         iv. Albert L.. Born in Sep 1873.

          v. F.H.. Born in 1874.

         vi. Louisa (Carter). Born in 1877.

 Louisa (Carter) married Sam ADAMS.



             Second Generation



2. Pearson Otto "P.O." "Tobe" KELLY. Born on 17 Jul 1854 in unknown. Pearson Otto "P.O." "Tobe" died in Goldwaite (Mills Co.) TX on 28 May 1936, he was 81. Buried in Bethel Cem. outside of Goldthwaite, TX. IOOF Burial. Occupation:

 Trail Driver/Farmer. Religion: Methodist.


On 28 Sep 1882 when Pearson Otto "P.O." "Tobe" was 28, he first married Georgia Ann CROSSON, daughter of G. W. CROSSON & Sara Eliza DUKE, in Colorado County, Tx. Born in 1864 in Dewitt County, Texas. Georgia Ann died  aft 1944, she was 80.


They had one child:

     4    i. Laura Mack (Kelly) (1883-1967)


On 21 Sep 1886 when Pearson Otto "P.O." "Tobe" was 32, he second married Alice  Frances"Jose"(Whitten) KELLY, daughter of Francis Marion WHITTEN & Nancy Isabel (Hair)  WHITTEN, in Hamilton County, TX. Born in 1864. Alice  Frances"Jose"(Whitten) died on 12 May 1926, she was 62.


They had the following children:

     5    i. Georgia (KELLY) (~1887-)

     6   ii. Nannie Sylvesta  (KELLY) (1889-1961)

     7  iii. Cody (1892-1921)

     8   iv. Aaron B. (1894-1950)

     9    v. Otto Pearson "Dutch" (1896-1985)

    10   vi. Amelia (Kelly)

    11  vii. Mollye Frances (KELLY) (1900-1928)


3. Margaret M.  (Kelly). Born in 1856. Margaret M.  (Kelly) died Mills County, TX. in 1938, she was 82.


On 7 May 1876 when Margaret A.  (Kelly) was 20, she married George THOMAS, in Frio County, TX. He was born in 1847 in Canada.


4. John Green KELLEY. Born in 1858 in Montgomery or Frio Co., Tx. John Green died in 1941, he was 83. Buried in Linn Cem.  San Saba County, TX. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Methodist.


On 10 Apr 1880 when John Green was 22, he first married Margaret Elizabeth (Fryer) KELLEY, daughter of James Andrew Jackson FRYER & Elizabeth Catherine (Evans) FRYER, in Frio County, TX. Born in 1855 in Jewett, Leon Co., TX. Margaret Elizabeth (Fryer) died in San Saba County, TX  abt 1907, she was 52.


They had the following children:

    12    i. Mary Lee (1885-)

    13   ii. Sarah Ann "Annie"(Kelley) (1888-)

iii.                     Henry Clay "Bud". Born in 1890 in Dewitt Co., Tx.

    14   iv. Beary Lemuel (1893-1988)

          v. Alonzo Alvin. Born on 17 Dec 1895 in Dewitt County, Texas. Alonzo Alvin died in Caradan (Mills Co.) TX on 11 Mar 1976, he was 80. Buried in Goldwaite Memorial Cemeter.

On 3 Jul 1936 when Alonzo Alvin was 40, he married Maggie Ann (Slawson) KELLEY, in Waco, TX.

    15   vi. Rosie Finley (Kelley) Daniels (1902-1987)

        vii. Carrie (Kelley)Pratt Burris

             Henry Clay.

       viii. Margaret "Pearlie"(Kelley).


John Green second married Sarah Jane (Wilkins) Fryer KELLEY, daughter of James K. WILKINS & Mollie (Higdon) WILKINS, in unknown. Born on 12 Jul 1868 in Jackson Co., TX. Sarah Jane (Wilkins) Fryer died in Goldthwaite (Mills Co.) TX on 13 Nov 1945, she was 77.


They had one child:

          i. Charles Ivy. Born on 16 Jul 1913 in Williamson County, TX. Charles Ivy died in Childress, Tx. hospital on 19 Feb 1975, he was 61. Occupation: Master Plumber. Religion: Baptist.


Sarah Jane (Wilkins) was first married to Richard Marion Fryer.  They may have had a son, Jack Fryer.



                 Third Generation



4. Laura Mack (Kelly) MORGAN. Born on 30 Jun 1883 in Dewitt County, Texas. Laura Mack (Kelly) died in Los Angeles Co., CA on 2 Jun 1967, she was 83. Buried in Los Angeles Co., CA.


In 1902 when Laura Mack (Kelly) was 18, she married Crasseo "Crass" Labeth MORGAN, son of Benjamin Franklin MORGAN & Lydia C. (Gary) MORGAN, in San Antonio (Bexar),? TX. Born on 7 May 1880. Crasseo "Crass" Labeth died in San Antonio (Bexar),? TX on 25 Jan 1935, he was 54.


They had the following children:

          i. Victor Earl. Born on 8 Jul 1907. Victor Earl died in Los Angeles Co., CA on 8 Jan 1957, he was 49.

         ii. Redford. Born on 22 Sep 1908 in Texas. Redford died in Fresno (Fresno) Ca. on 11 Mar 1962, he was 53. Buried in Fresno (Fresno) Ca.

        iii. Velma. Born on 3 Jan 1911.

    16   iv. George Dennis "Pee Wee" (1914-1980)

          v. Edith Hazel.


 5. Georgia (KELLY) HUFFMAN. Born  abt 1887.

 Georgia (KELLY) married Raymond Greenberry HUFFMAN.


They had the following children:

          i. Jessie Mae (Huffman).

         ii. Lorene (Huffman).

        iii. Robert  "R.G.".

         iv. Aileen "Snooks" (Huffman).



6. Nannie Sylvesta  (KELLY) SNOW. Born on 18 Jan 1889 in Goldwaite, TX. Nannie Sylvesta  (KELLY) died in Lakeview Cemetery - Winters, TX in Apr 1961, she was 72.


On 30 Jan 1910 when Nannie Sylvesta  (KELLY) was 21, she married William Andrew SNOW, son of SEE SNOW FAMILY HISTORY SNOW & see SNOW history (CLIMER), in Goldwaite, TX. Born on 30 Jan 1886 in Ben Hur (Limestone Co.) TX. William Andrew died in Lakeview Cemetery on 26 Feb 1960, he was 74.


They had the following children:

    17    i. Earl Aaron Snow(1913-2002)

    18   ii. Lady Lillian (Snow) (1915-1996)

        iii. Living Snow 



7. Cody KELLY. Born on 12 Apr 1892 in Mills-Hamilton Co., TX. Cody died on 19 Jul 1921, he was 29.


On 1 Jan 1914 when Cody was 21, he married Ollie Lee (Stevens) KELLY MANUEL. Born on 5 Oct 1893 in Killeen (Bell Co.) Tx. Ollie Lee (Stevens) KELLY died in Childress, Tx. Hospital on 28 Sep 1977, she was 83.


They had one child:

          i. Viola Mae (Kelly). Born on 23 Jan 1921 in Mills-Hamilton Co., TX. Viola Mae (Kelly)died 24 Oct 1945 is buried in Bethel Cemetery , she was 24.

 In 1940 when Viola Mae (Kelly) was 18, she married E. B. SUTHERLAND.



8. Aaron B. KELLEY. Born on 17 Jul 1894 in Mills-Hamilton Co., TX. Aaron B. died in VA Hospital  Dallas, TX on 15 Oct 1950, he was 56. Buried in NorthView Cemetery - Winters, TX. Occupation: WWI - see discharge papers.


On 6 Dec 1922 when Aaron B. was 28, he married Edna Laura (Poer) Kelley WYTHE, daughter of John Milton POER & Dora  (Summy) POER, in Lived at Chalk Mtn. at Stephenville. Born on 6 Feb 1907 in Yoakum, TX (Lavaca Co.). Edna Laura (Poer) Kelley died on 3 Sep 1983, she was 76. They were divorced.


They had the following children:

    19    i. Floyd Emmet "Bobby" (1929-2000)

    20   ii. Glendon (1926-1998)

    21  iii. Roy Delton (1932-)


9. Otto Pearson or Preston "Dutch" KELLY. Born on 28 Jan 1896 in Mills-Hamilton Co., TX. Otto Pearson "Dutch" died in Ballinger (Runnels Co.) Tx in Jan 1985, he was 88. Buried in Bethel Cemetery or Valley View (Runnels Co.).


On 4 Jan 1919 when Otto Pearson or Preston "Dutch" was 22, he married Lily  Mae (Walker) KELLY, in Goldwaite, TX. Born on 11 Feb 1898 in Hamilton, TX. Lily  Mae (Walker) died  ? Feb 1973, she was 74.


They had the following children:

          i. Willie B.

    22   ii. LaDola (Kelly)

    23  iii. Laura Elaine "Penny" (Kelly)

    24   iv. Living


10. Amelia (Kelly) WARREN. Born in Mills-Hamilton Co., TX.

 Amelia (Kelly) married Jesse R. WARREN.


They had one child:

    25    i. James L. (-1968)


11. Mollye Frances (KELLY) ELDER. Born on 25 Apr 1900 in Goldthwaite, TX. Mollye Frances (KELLY) died in Lampasas, Tx on 4 May 1928, she was 28. Buried in City Cemetery - Goldthwaite, TX.


Mollye Frances (KELLY) married Arthur W. ELDER, son of Katie (?) ELDER. Born in 1899. Arthur W. died in Lampasas, Tx in Oct 1936, he was 37.


They had the following children:

          i. Arthur Vaughn.

         ii. Truman.

        iii. Edward.

         iv. Odell.



12. Mary Lee (KELLEY). Born on 14 Dec 1885 in Dewitt County, Texas.


Mary Lee married MUSE.(click this link for more information about the Muses)   MUSE


They had the following children:

          i. George Henry "Bud".

         ii. John Pearson "JP".

        iii. Annie Lou.

         iv. Ruthie.



13. Sarah Ann "Annie"(Kelley) PIERCE. Born on 19 Jun 1888 in Dewitt County, Texas.



          i.  Ben.

         ii. Berry.

        iii. Nancy.

         iv.  John Lawrence.

          v. Jewel.

         vi. William Clay.



14. Beary Lemuel KELLEY. Born on 12 May 1893 in Brandon (Hill Co.) Texas. Beary Lemuel died in Gatesville (Coryell Co.) Texas in Jan 1988, he was 94. Buried in Clifton (Bosque Co.) Texas.


On 18 Apr 1921 when Beary Lemuel was 27, he married Nellie (Haggerton) KELLEY. Born on 3 Mar 1907. Nellie (Haggerton) died on 12 May 1954, she was 47.


They had the following children:

    26    i. Welton Lemuel "Red Boy" (1929-)

         ii.  John William.

        iii. Charles.

         iv.  Ella Elizabeth.

          v.  Jake "Jesse".

         vi. Louise Marie.

        vii. Hardy

       viii. Harvey.

         ix. Wanda Rose.

          x. James Henry.


 15. Rosie Finley (Kelley) Daniels DANIELS. Born on 4 Feb 1902 in Dewitt County, Texas. Rosie Finley (Kelley) Daniels died in Algerita   (San Saba Co.) TX on 25 Apr 1987, she was 85. Buried in Harkeyville (San Saba Co.) TX.


Rosie Finley (Kelley) Daniels married Buck DANIELS.


They had one child:

    27    i. Living Daniels


                                   Fourth Generation



16. George Dennis "Pee Wee" MORGAN. Born on 6 Jun 1914 in Yoakum (Lavaca) Tx. George Dennis "Pee Wee" died in Corpus Christi (Nueces) TX on 25 Oct 1980, he was 66.


George Dennis "Pee Wee" married Lois Laverne (Anderson) MORGAN.


They had the following children:

          i. Gail Lois.

         ii. George Dennis Jr..

        iii. Sherry Lynn.

         iv. Russell Lewis.


 17. Earl Aaron SNOW. Born on 9 Apr 1913 in Coleman County, TX. Occupation: State of Texas - interstate transport. He died 4 March 2002, one month short of his 89th birthday.


On 23 Nov 1940 when Earl Aaron was 27, he married Bernice (Newsom) SNOW, in Brownwood, TX. Born on 9 Oct 1919 in Snyder, OKLA. Bernice (Newsom) died in San Antonio, TX on 15 Jan 1987, she was 67.  Earl Aaron Snow died 4 Mar 2002 in San Antonio (Bexar Co.) TX.  He was 89.


They had the following children:

          i. Living (married Ford)

         ii. Robert Eugene. Born on 22 Sep 1942 in Brown Co., Tx. Died 19 July 1988 in San Antonio (Bexar Co.) Tx. He was married to Judith Ann Rosberg

        iii. Living (married Kidd)


 18. Lady Lillian (Snow) ROSE. Born on 4 Feb 1915. Lady Lillian (Snow) died in Carlsbad, NM on 17 Oct 1996, she was 81. Buried in Lakeview Cemetery - Winters, TX.


Lady Lillian (Snow) married Homer ROSE.


They had the following children:

          i. David Earl.

         ii. Living (married Waller)


 19. Floyd Emmet "Bobby" KELLEY. Born on 5 Jul 1929 in Mills Co., TX. Floyd Emmet "Bobby" died in 2000, he was 70.


Floyd Emmet "Bobby" married Jaunita (Copeland) KELLY.


They had one child:

          i. Living


20. Glendon KELLEY. Born on 23 Jan 1926 in Mills Co., TX. Glendon died in Pasadena, TX on 25 Oct 1998, he was 72.


On 18 Apr 1954 when Glendon was 28, he married Anna Marie (Gebauer) KELLEY, daughter of Leonard Louis GEBAUER & Anna Martha (Pedrick) GEBAUER, in Galveston County, TX. Born on 1 Feb 1926.


They had the following children:

          i. Melvin John. Born on 13 May 1943. Melvin John died in Mar 1997, he was 53.

         ii. Living (married Pedon)

        iii. Living (married Firth-Eagland)

         iv. Living



21. Roy Delton KELLY. Born on 17 Dec 1932 in Mills Co., TX.


Roy Delton first married Sonya  (?) KELLEY.


They had one child:

          i. Living


 Roy Delton second married Linda (Maralyn) KELLY.


They had one child:

          i. Living



22. LaDola (Kelly) BATES.


LaDola (Kelly) married BATES.


They had the following children:

          i. Living

         ii. Living

        iii. Living

         iv. Living

          v. UNNAMED.



23. Laura Elaine "Penny" (Kelly) STANFIELD.


Laura Elaine "Penny" (Kelly) married STANFIELD.


They had the following children:

          i. Living

         ii. Living



24. Living (Kelly) WILLIAMSON



They had the following children:

          i. Living (married Wilson)

         ii. Living (married Moss)



25. James L. WARREN. James L. died on 17 Mar 1968. Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery.


James L. married Rosemary (?) WARREN.


They had one child:

          i. Living



26. Welton Lemuel "Red Boy" KELLEY. Born on 11 Sep 1929 in Camp Wood (Real Co.) Tx.


 Welton Lemuel "Red Boy" KELLEY first married Bernice (Holtz) KELLEY.


They had one child:

          i. Living



Welton Lemuel "Red Boy" second married Georgia Ann (Snith) KELLEY.  They had seven children.


27. Living Daniels (first married Hall)


 second married Kennedy


They had the following children:

          i. Ira Hall Kennedy (Tourin' Texas link)

             About Ira Hall Kennedy

         ii. Living




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